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  • Ruins of Alph Daily Quests
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In this guide you will find 2 Daily Tasks that you can complete in Ruins of Alph.

-2 Quests

Ruins of Alph

Quest 1: Transcript the Unown
Quest 2: Unown Language

Transcript the Unown

Location: Johto Ruins of Alph

NPC Dr. Vasquez:


Go into Great Hall here you need to defeat or catch Unown's until you collect 25 transcriptions.

Pokédollars: 500
TrainerExp: 25

Unown Language

Location Johto Ruins of Alph

Dr. Croft

Go back to the Great Hall.

Then down the ladder

In the ruins you have to find 2 statues with the same word on them. Then interact with them one after the other.

Pokédollars: 700
TrainerExp: 60

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