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  • The Berry trick
Writer Redmage at 2020-10-29 at 10:45 PM 1

1. Test for Speed
2. If the opposing Pokémon outspeeds your Pokémon, switch to your Pokémon with Fling-Recycle / Trick / Switcheroo.
3. Give the opposing Pokémon the appropriate berry.
4. False Swipe if needed (Trick / Switcheroo)
5. If the Pokémon gets confused upon consuming the berry (check the BATTLE chat to be sure), then it has the correct nature. You can catch it. If it is not confused, run away and try the day after.

I. How to do the berry trick
The berry trick is only half the process of testing the nature of the Pokémon you’re willing to catch. Giving the wild Pokémon a specific berry lets you know which stat its nature decreases.
After consuming the berry, if the opposing Pokémon gets confused, you can go to the next step.
If it is not confused, run away and try the next day.

I. A. Fling – Recycle
You can use a Pokémon that learns both Fling and Recycle to check the decreased stat of the wild Pokémon, such as:
Abra, Azelf, Chansey, Clefairy, Dedenne, Delibird, Drowzee, Ralts, Garbodor, Gothita, Jigglypuff, Jirachi, Jinx, Kekleon, Meditite, Meloetta, Mesprit, Mew, Mr. Mime, Muk-Alola, Palossand, Panpour/sage/sear, Raichu-Alola, Slowbro/king, Snorlax, Uxie.

Fling gives the wild Pokémon the item your Pokémon is holding. In case of a berry, its effect is instantly applied, and the Pokémon is immediately confused. You don’t need to use False Swipe.
Recycle allows you to recover the berry you just threw at the opposing Pokémon.

I. B. Trick / Switcheroo
You can use a Pokémon that learns Trick or Switcheroo to check the decreased stat of the wild Pokémon.
Those moves allow you to give the wild Pokémon the item or berry your Pokémon is holding. You can’t recover the item.

Here is a list of the Pokémon that learn Trick:
Here is a list of the Pokémon that learn Switcheroo:
If you decide to use this technique, you will need a Pokémon that learns False Swipe: The berry won’t activate immediately, so you will have to bring the opposing Pokémon to 1/4 of its max HP before it consumes the berry.

I. C. The berries
Here is the list of the berries your Pokémon can hold and the natures they check:
Aguav Berry: Naughty, Lax, Rash, Naive
Figy Berry: Bold, Modest, Calm, Timid
Iapapa Berry: Lonely, Mild, Gentle, Hasty
Mago Berry: Brave, Relaxed, Quiet, Sassy
Wiki Berry: Adamant, Impish, Careful, Jolly

II. A. How to test for speed nature
Pick or train a Pokémon with the following speed according to the Pokémon you’re willing to catch:
Articuno: 106
Zapdos: 121
Moltres: 111
Gyarados: 63
Entei: 121
Raikou: 136
Suicune: 106
Thundurus: 132
Tornadus: 132
Landorus: 122
Virizion, Terrakion, Cobalion, Keldeo: 129
Mesprit: 101
Uxie: 116
Azelf: 136
Cresselia: 106
Haxorus: 62
Victini: 40
Zorua: 13 or 14

Using a Pokémon of your choice with the aforementioned speed guarantees you to catch a + speed nature Pokémon (precisions for Zorua later)
Start the battle with your speed tester Pokémon, and use an attack. A non-damaging move (double team, rain dance, sword dance…) is the best option.
If the opposing Pokémon goes first, then it has a + speed nature. Proceed to Berry trick.
If your Pokémon goes first, keep attacking 2 or 3 turns more, in case of a speed tie. If you keep outspeeding the Pokémon you want to catch, then run away and try again the day after.

WARNING:Thundurus and Tornadus usually have the Ability Prankster, so their non-damaging moves always go first (agility, charge, tailwind). Run away if it uses Agility or Tailwind, as those moves change the speed tier, and do not take the turn it uses Charge into account.
+ Be careful using a Trace Pokémon (Gardevoir, Porygon), as you will Trace Prankster ability, and you’re going to attack first if you use a non-damaging move…
ZORUA: As Zorua is lvl 5, it it can be hard to test its speed tier.
Using a 14 speed Pokémon ensures you to catch a + speed nature Zorua, but the chances it happens are at 2/775. A lot of patience is required.
Using a 13 speed Pokémon, you have 22/775 chances to catch a + speed nature Zorua (more or less 1/35), but you also have 6/775 (1/130) chances to catch a non + speed nature one (if Zorua has 30 or 31 IVs in speed, and is Bold, Calm or Modest).

II. B. How to test for non-speed nature
*In this example, I will be looking for an Impish Landorus
If I were looking for a Calm, Careful, Sassy or Gentle Pokémon, I would use a Special attacker, and change the Sp. Def IVs.
If looking for an Adamant, Modest… +Atk or +Sp Atk Pokémon, I would do the opposite of what I’m about to explain: calculate the damage the wild Pokémon does to my defensive Pokémon.

When looking for a defensive nature, I have to pay attention at the damage my Pokémon does to Landorus. That’s why I need to know exactly the range of Health Points Landorus will lose when my Pokémon attacks it.
In theory, if my Pokémon does less damage than it should, that means Landorus has a +def nature.
In practice, this is how it works.

I need to do some calculations using Showdown Damage Calculator:
Let’s say I'm using my False Swiper, Breloom. Any other Pokémon with a decent attack stat will do.

(If I were looking for a Calm, Careful, Sassy or Gentle Pokémon, I would use a Special attacker)
I’m adding Breloom as “Pokémon 1”, using a Blank Set:

Then, I add my Breloom’s stats.
Its level 59, it has 14 IVs in attack, no EVs, and its nature doesn’t affect attack.
I’ll be using Strength, so I add it too (The stronger the move, the more effective the check will be).

After that, I add Landorus as “Pokémon 2” using the Blank Set.
Landorus will be level 50.
I let 31 IVs in defense, and a nature that DOESN’T affect the defense stat:
(Remember to change the Sp. Def stat if you’re looking for a Sp. Def nature)

Once everything is set, I click on “Strength” to know the “Possible damage amounts” I’ll do to Landorus:

Now, I know that Breloom will be doing from 52 to 62 damage to Landorus with max IVs in defense, if its nature DOESN’T affect the defense stat.
That means that if my Breloom does 62 or more damage, Landorus doesn’t have a +def nature, and I can run away.
But if Breloom does 51 or less, it means Landorus is more resistant than a max IVs neutral nature: it has a + def nature.

I’d like to know how good the Pokémon I chose is:
I change Landorus’ nature to Impish, and I reduce his IVs in defense, until the “Possible damage amounts” reaches the 52-62 range.

From 31 to 12 IVs in defense, Breloom deals less than 52 to Landorus (51-61 in this example). At 11 IVs and below, it will deal 52 or more.
I’ll be able to know if Landorus has a +def nature if it has at least 12 IVs in defense, and I’m ok with that.
If I’m not, I should level up Breloom, or use a stronger move. In counterpart, my Pokémon may deal too much damage to Landorus, and a critical hit could kill it…

So, after all that maths, what I have to keep in mind is:

- If I deal 62 or more to Landorus, I run and I try again the day after
- If I deal 51 or less, Landorus has a +def nature

This is how a battle goes:
1. I use the berry trick on Landorus by using a Wiki berry (because berry trick takes less time than checking the defense).
2. If it’s confused, I run away and start the battle again (so that Landorus is no longer confused), leading with Breloom. If not, I try the following day.
3. I use Strength twice, I run away and start again (otherwise I’d kill Landorus), until:
o Breloom deal 51 or less, and I catch Landorus,
o Breloom deals 62 or more, I run and try the next day

A big Thank you goes to HereIam

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