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  • Dream World Questline
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In this guide we'll show you how to complete the Dream World questline, which unlocks Darkrai as a daily boss upon completion.

-Unova Story Complete

-Cut HM required in Dreamyard Ruins
-Surf HM required in Dream of Water
-Rock Smash HM required in Dream of Fire

Accessing Dream World and Earning Dream Mist

To access the Dream World, you will first need to talk to Dr. Fennel in her lab in Striaton City, after completing the Unova storyline.

Go upstairs and talk to Dr. Fennel to learn more about the Dream World, and accept the quest "The Way To The Dreams."

Exit the lab and follow the path east of town to reach the Dreamyard Ruins, where Dr. Fennel's assistant is waiting.

Talk to the assistant inside and accept her quest "Gathering Dream Mist." Cut the tree blocking the path to the interior ruins and defeat wild Munnas in the grass to complete this quest and receive one Dream Mist.

To continue the Dream World questline, you will next need to enter the Dream of Grass with a total of 3 Dream Mist. Dream Mist can be earned in the following ways:

-Complete the "Gathering Dream Mist" quest given by Fennel's assistant (once daily)
-Buy from Lui in Dr. Fennel's lab for 50,000₽ or 1,000 gold coins (once daily)
-Talk to Violetta in Fennel's lab if you've donated and received a total of 20 boxes or more (once daily)
-Defeat Pokémon within the Dream World (unlimited)

Once you have a total of 3 Dream Mist, enter the Dream of Grass by interacting with the large machine in the center of Dr. Fennel's lab.


After entering the Dream of Grass through the lab machine with a total of 3 Dream Mist, go down the staircase leading into Pleasant Forest and proceed until reaching Via, standing in front of a bridge. Talk to her and complete her quest "A Dream Of Hunt" and defeat 10 wild Pokémon to make your way past.

Cross the bridge into Holly Hills and take the right path leading to a staircase blocked by Carmay. Talk to her and spend 1 Dream Mist to open passage to the stairs.

Go up the stairs, cross Whispering Wood and talk to Agatha. Accept her quest "Nightmares" and prepare to face 3 level 100 Pokémon in a rotation battle.

After defeating Agatha, you will be tasked to enter the Dream of Water. Enter with a total of 2 Dream Mist and a Pokémon that has learned surf, once again through the machine in the center of Dr. Fennel's lab.

Inside, surf through Concealed Bay until reaching a raging whirlpool. Interact with the whirlpool, accept the quest "Calm The Water" and defeat 10 wild Pokémon in order to pass. Surf past the whirlpool through Murmuring Falls until reaching a dead end with a rotting log blocking the way. Interact with the log and spend 1 Dream Mist to clear it. With the path clear, enter Secret Bay and surf to the left to find Mo standing on shore.

Talk to him and help him find his missing Samurott out on the water.

Defeat the Samurott and return to Mo, who will then give you the final task of entering the Dream of Fire. Enter the Dream of Fire with 1 Dream Mist and a Pokémon that has learned rock smash, through the machine in Dr. Fennel's lab once more.

After entering the Dream of Fire, you will need to find and activate 3 switches hidden on statues to open the Secret Cavern. The first statue can be found just north of the entrance of the Dream World, next to the PC.

Next, take the left path from Dream World to Union Cavern and interact with the rock blocking the path to allow a Pokémon with rock smash to break the rock and clear it. The statue will be just past this rock inside Union Cavern's room.

For the last statue, take the path right from Dream World to Warm Cavern. Once again break the rock blocking the path and proceed to Warm Cavern's room and interact with the final statue.

After all 3 statues have been activated, go back to the entrance of Dream World and proceed down the revealed ladder into Secret Cavern.

Just down the stairs leading into the cavern, talk to Myrriane, who will run to the north. Follow the path she takes north.

After catching up to Myrriane, she will engage you in a triple battle. Defeat her and she'll run off again, meaning once again follow the path she takes through the cavern, across the bridge.

Talk to Myrriane and battle her in another triple battle. Defeat her and follow her through the cavern yet again.

Talk to Myrriane again and battle her in a third and final triple battle. Defeat her and she will run up the south staircase. Follow her up the stairs, and defeat the Duskull, Dusclops, and boss Dusknoir guarding the pathway before reaching her for the final time.

Talk to Myrriane, and you will face a final confrontation with a level 100 Darkrai. Defeat the Darkrai to free Myrriane from her nightmares and finally complete your quest.

Darkrai will be unlocked as a daily boss and available to battle the day following the quest's completion. Darkrai can be found in the Dream of Grass on Tuesdays and Sundays, the Dream of Water on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and the Dream of Fire on Thursdays and Saturdays.

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