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  • Nature, IV and EV Guide
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In this nature, iv/ev guide we're going detailed into natues, effort values and individual values. You can see clearly how this value effects your Pokémon.

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Nature Table
Nature manipulation

Individual Values "IVs"

Effort Values, EVs
Effort Values-Tabel
Effort Values Training
Effort Values-Bank


A pokemons nature is like a charactertype , which boosts one stat for 10% and lowers another one for 10%. There also are neutral natures which dont raise or lower any stat. When catching Pokemon you should have a look on what nature you are looking for according to the later attacks and ways of playing the pokemon. Since the nature is the earliest and easiest way to influence the stats your pokemon has later. Here a picture where you can see where to find the pokemons nature on the pokemon-card.

Here a tabel with all natures with its +/- values:

The neutral natures hardy, docile, bashful, quirkie, serious wont have any influence on stats.

Influence on nature:

Although it is random what nature a wild pokemon has, you still have some influence. A pokemon with the ability "synchronize" in first place in your team makes wild pokemon have the same nature as the sychronize pokemon with a rate of 50%.

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Individual values (IV):

Individual Values (IV) is comparable to a DNA a pokemon has. IV are randomly and indivually for every stat (Atk, Def, Spdef, Spd, HP) as soon as a pokemon was caught or given to the player as an egg. The IVs are nearly always different. The value is between 0-31. Every 1 IV-point gives 1 stat-point when the pokemon is level 100. In PokeOne you can find the IVs on the pokemons card. IV also indicates the type of the attack "hidden power".

That means a level 100 pokemon gets the iv 1 on 1 to his stats. Its important for example for pokemon which need high speed t attack first to use the full power of you pokemon.

Iv reset:

in PokeOne the player has the opportunity to reset a pokemon Individual Values and generate them completly new. You can do that as often as you want. Every reroll costs 10.000 Pokedollar. A very expensive function for easy to catch pokemon but its usefull for legendary or shiny pokemon. You also have the opportunity to lock certain stats you dont want to change for an Reroll Token per locked stat.

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Effort Values (EV):

Effort values is a way to train your pokemon in fights besides its level. The influence besides base stat, level, nature, and IV the pokemons stats. Its the main reason why a trained pokemon is always stronger then a wild one. Each pokemon can have a total of 510 EV splitted over his stats (Atk, Def, Spd, Spdef, HP) with max. 252 each.

EV table:

Level 100 means 4 EV = 1 stat
Level 75 means 6 EV = 1 stat
Level 50 means 8 EV = 1 stat
Level 25 means 10 EV = 1 stat
Level 1 means 12 EV = 1 stat

Training EV:
There are different ways to collect EV. The easiest way is to fight wild pokemon to get EV besides the normal EXP. Even if it only takes part in the fight shortly it gets all the EV every time. Exceptions are trainer fights or speciel institution fights.

How many EV you get per fight depends on the pokemon you fight against. Usually first-stage pokemon give 1 EV, second-stage give 2 EV and third-stage give 3. Legendary pokemon also give 3 EV. Pokemon who dont evolve usually give 2 EV. A overview of all Pokemon and the EV they give is in the pokedex in the EV-yield like on that picture.

To effectively raise your pokemons EV you should use one of the Power Items
The power items give +8 points to the EV value the item improves for each fight e.g. Power Weight + 8 HP.

You can also use vitamins to raise a pokemons EV fast. There is a vitamin for every stat: HP-Up = HP / Protein = Attack / Iron = Defense / Calcium = Special attack / Zinc = Special Defense / Carbon = Speed. Every vitamin raises the EV by 10 and can be used only for the first 100 EV each stat.


PokeOne has a new awesome function to make training EV much easier. Every Pokemon has a point bar for every stat in which EV are stored after gained from a battle. You then can decide which you want to take and which you dont want to. That way you can train EV without worrying to get the wrong EV and use berries later.

In this picture the EV-storage in the top rectangle and below that the button to choose the usage of EV. In the far bottom left you can resett your set EV for 500 coins.

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  • 2020-11-29
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    Finally a pokemon mmo that lets you choose the EVs....Such a horrible system otherwise.

  • 2023-07-22
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    Did u can put the name of the item give's EV +8 ( the icon is good, but when you'll buy just the name of then appear )

  • 2022-04-09
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    The power items are:

    • Power Anklet
    • Power Band
    • Power Belt
    • Power Bracer
    • Power Lens
    • Power Weight

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