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  • Easter Event Pre-Quest
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In this guide we will show you how the Pre-Quest of the easter event is and guide you step by step through the quest.

-The Easter Event Pre-Quest is in the Kanto region.
-You have to be the Champion of Johto and Kanto to enter the Pre-Quest
-It's recommend to party up for the event, to make the battles easier and fasten the progress in wild battles

Easter Event Pre Quest

To start the main story of Easter event, you have to complete the pre-quest, please followthis

First Part: Start In Viridian Forest ∨∧
First, go to Virdian Forest(above Virdian city in Kanto region) and find Bugcatcher Bunny. (TIPS: Bring anti-bug pokemons)

Then, you have to find 10 Pokèmon in this region:
Go to LHS of Bunny, you can find two(near NPC Lara)

Go to RHS of Bunny, you can find the other two.

Go to the upward side of Bunny, you can find one.

Go along this path, you can find another one.

Go upside of the crossroad in (4), you can find one behind the stone.

Go LHS after you find(5), you can find the last three here.

After that, go back to Bunny and battle him. Opponent Pokèmon (all bug-type, level: near your
level of character) :

After beating Bunny, Go to Route 22(LHS of Virdian city) and find the reward.

Second Part: Find Holly in Mt. Moon ∨∧
Next, go to Mt.Moon(through Route 3 near Pewter town) and find Hiker Holly( RHS of entrance)
TIPS: bring a Pokèmon with mold-breaker and rock climbing(or climbing boots)

Then again, find 5 Pokèmons in this area(all lvl 20):

Go downward of Holly, you can find two.

Go upward of Holly, you can find one

Go LHS of Holly, you can find the last two.

Then, go back to Holly and battle him. Opponent Pokèmon are +-3 lvl of your Trainerlevel

After that, go to Route 3 and get the reward.

Third Part: Find the Black Belt on Route 4 ∨∧

Continue on Route 4 where you have to find Black Belt Lee and complete a quest for him.

Then, Cross Mt.Moon,arrive Route 4 and find Black Belt Lee.

Again, find 7 Pokèmon in this region. Go LHS of Lee, there are two. Go RHS of Lee, there are another two.

Continue go forward in.

There is one behind the tree.

Go RHS after finding.

There are the last two.

After that, go back to Lee and defeat him! Opponent Pokémon all fighting-type

Then, Go Route 9(fly to R10 and go LHS) and get the reward.

Fourth Part: Beat Willy in Power Plant ∨∧

The next station will be Power Plant(use Surfing on the RHS of Route 10). Find Worker Willyinside the Plant.

Again, find 5 Pokémon in the Plant:

Go LHS of Willy(upside of the entrance), there is one.

Go back to the crossroad, and walk downward, you can find another one.

Go RHS after finding(2), find another one.

Go upward after find(3), find one behind the drum.

left the drum room and turn left, find the last one.

Then, go back to Willy and defeat him! Opponent pokemon:

After that, go Celadon city and get the reward(LHS of the gym)

Fifth Part: The way through Victory Road ∨∧

The next station will be in Victory Road. Fly to Indigo Plateau and go downward to Victory road.

Here is the place to find Ace Trainer Archie.

Again, find 8 pokemons in this map. Use escape rope and return to the entrance, go LHS, there is one.

Go downward after find. There is one behind the rocks.

Go LHS after find (2), there is another one.

Go upward after find , there is one behind the stone.

Go down through the hole on the left and then take the stairs on the left, there are two.

Press “Go Back” button of the quest, you can find the last two on the routine.

Now you have to defeat Archie. His Pokémon:

Then, Go to Rotue 23 and get the reward. You can either across the Victory Road or pass through Route 22.

Sixth Part: Help Petty on Route 8 ∨∧

The next station will be Route 8( LHS of Lavender Town in Kanto region).

Picnicker Patty is waiting for you.

Now, find 5 Pokémon in the region. There is two at the near spot.

Go LHS after finding those two in, there is one behind the tree!

Continue pass through Route 8, there is another one.

Find the last one behind the tree.

Then, go back to Patty and defeat her! Her Pokémon:

After that, go to the top floor of Pokémon Tower(in Lavender Town) and get the reward.

Seventh Part: Adventure on Cinnibar Island ∨∧

The next station will be Route 20, fly to Cinnabar Island and go RHS to Route 22 by using surf.

Youcan find Swimmer Sara here.

Again, find 3 Pokémon in this area. Across the Seafoam Islands, and there is one near the exit.


Go to the top-left corner and find another one.

Go RHS and surf, find the last one in Route 20.

Then, go back to Sara and battle! Opponent Pokémon all water-type:

After that, go to Cinnabar Island and get the reward.

Eighth Part: Final ∨∧
Finally, the last station is Route 17. Fly to Celadon City and go LHS through Route 16 gate.

You can find Biker Bagon here.

Luckily, only one Pokémon has to be found. It is near the entrance of R16 gate.

Then go back and battle Bagon! Opponent Pokémon.

Last, Go to Pallet Town and talk to Lucy. Now, you can enjoy the mainstory of Easter event!

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