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  • PokéOne Tester Interview with Sylveon
Writer Siver at 2018-04-27 at 9:02 PM 1

Personal questions

Rising Phoenix: How old are you and where are you coming from?

Sylveon: I’m in my 20s and I’m from Hong Kong.

Rising Phoenix: How long have you been in the Pokémon universe and what games did you play?

Sylveon: My first game was Pokémon Green version, so it was quite a long time.

Rising Phoenix: What will be your focus in PokéOne. Will you focus on PvP, collecting, trading or do you play just for fun?

Sylveon: I don’t have particular goal in PokéOne. Most likely I will focus on social aspect and play just for fun. For competitive aspect, I would leave that in originals.

Rising Phoenix: How did you get to pokeone?

Sylveon: By searching on Google and Reddit.

Rising Phoenix: Where is your favourite place and which place do you think is the prettiest designed? Please add a picture as well.

Sylveon: I love beaches, especially with the sand castle. In terms of Design, I think the prettiest place so far is the Johto Safari Zone.

General questions about PokéOne

Rising Phoenix: What was your impression within the first 15 minutes?

Sylveon: You just want to explore everything you can. Everything is looking good and original. Also, the 3D battle really impressed me.

Rising Phoenix: What do you think about the graphics? You consider them perfect or is there potential for improvements?

Sylveon: There are always rooms for improvements, but at the current stage, I think they are satisfactory.

Rising Phoenix: What do you think about the battle system in point of structure, appearance, functionality and entertainment?

Sylveon: This part is perfect. People who have played original handhelds can easily figure out all the functions.

Rising Phoenix: Did you try out the multibattles yet and if yes what was your impression of those?

Sylveon: Multi-battles are awesome. Teaming up with your friends is great in an MMO.[i/]

Rising Phoenix: Do you think the trainers and gymleaders are balanced? Are they too weak or too strong?

Sylveon: [i]Same as originals, the trainers and gymleaders are pretty weak unless you are doing a speedrun

Rising Phoenix: How much time have you spent in pokeone?

Sylveon: As at the present moment, I have spent over 70 days in PokéOne (from the record of playtime).

Rising Phoenix: What was your best experience so far?

Sylveon: The customization of your character is great, and the stories and quests are fun too.

Rising Phoenix: Are there any wishes you have for the game or anything you would still change?

Sylveon: As an mmo, I would love to see more functions on social aspect besides partying.

Rising Phoenix: What do you think about the planned flying map?

Sylveon: AThat would be a great breakthrough if it can be executed well. Flying over the maps itself instead of just point and click add extra fun to PokéOne. Although you may need to spend more time in flying, but I think it worths the time in doing so as you cannot get this experience from other similar Pokémon mmo.

Rising Phoenix: What problems did you face during your testing and what things did you report?

Sylveon: As most of the testers including me have no experience in game testing or programming before, we may have a difficult to judge whether or not a certain thing is a bug. I have reported many stuff, e.g. battle freeze, text errors, map errors, script errors, etc.

Rising Phoenix: What do you think can we expect from Pokéone and how will it have to keep the players entertained over a long time?

Sylveon: As the game is and will be continued to develop after release, the new content and the social aspect of the game will keep the players entertained in addition to the end-game content.

Rising Phoenix: Have you played alone or in a party during your testing? What was your experience with the partysystem?

Sylveon: I mostly did all the stuff alone, but I also had a taste in partying. The party system is balanced and well-designed.

Rising Phoenix: What do you think about your boxing system in point of appearance and functionality?

Sylveon: In terms of appearance and functionality, they are great. You can perform all the basic functions you want in the Pokébox.

Rising Phoenix: Have you tried beating the bosses across the map yet and how were your experience with those?

Sylveon: Yes, and those bosses are a real challenge, especially if you are new to Pokémon. The reward system is also balanced and makes you feel rewarding.

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