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  • Rare Candy Guide Kanto
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In this guide you will find all information about Rare Candies in Kanto.


Pewter City
Hidden in the right plant near Nurse Joy.
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Mt. Moon
Hidden in a stone left of Scientist Adam.
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Follow the footsteps around the stone for a pokeball to spawn.
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Cerulean City
Hidden in a tree left of NPC Ingrid.
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Hidden in a stone behind a house.
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Hidden in the left flower below the Bike Shop.
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Route 6
Hidden in a stump near Camper Jeff.
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SS Anne
In the 2nd left room on the upper floor of the SS Anne.
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Route 9
Hidden in a rock at the beginning of the route.
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Rock Tunnel
Hidden in a stone at the end of Rock Tunnel.
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Rocket Hideout
In a pokeball in the 3rd floor near the servers.
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Pokemon Tower
In a pokeball on the 6th floor below Channeler Sky.
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To reach the Drain you first have to walk up the tower to the top and take the stairs to the cellar. Once in the cellar, there is a door hidden on the right side
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Silph Company
Hidden behind a crate in the left room on the 10th floor.
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Route 12
Hidden in the tree after entering the route from Lavender Town.
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Route 13
Talk to Birdkeeper Sebastian after defeating him.
Then walk to the fence south and click on the pokeball.
Select a Fly type pokemon to grab the item.
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Route 14
Hidden in a street lamp near Biker Lukas.
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Fuchsia City
In Warden's house behind the Rock Smash stone.
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Route 17
Hidden in the Rock of the grass patch.
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Seafoam Islands
When you enter, look for a small staircase, follow the path and take the ladder down to "B2F". Then past the 3 trainers to the far right and down the ladder.
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Pokemon Mansion
In the basement near a statue.
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Hidden in the left plant of the bottom row near the key.
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Cinnebar Island
Hidden in a stone to the left of the Gym.
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Lavender Town Graveyard
In the Hidden Chamber in the right tomb next to Grumpy Grandpa
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Harry Potter
On the upper platform, go to the chimney on the far left below, then you will come to Rare Candy.
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    + Cinnebar Island:
    Hidden in nortwestern rock around volcano crater

    + Pokemon Mansion
    3F, hidden in a server in the north middle room

    + Victory Road
    1F, in a Poke Ball downstairs from Cool Trainer Rolando
    3F, in a Poke Ball after going up a ladder that's next to Tamer Vincent
    In a Poke Ball on the small plateau that you can reach through the hidden entrance from route 23

    + Indigo Plateau
    Hidden in the small bush to the right of the entrance of the Pokemon League

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