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Easter Art Contest

Dear Pokèone community, time flies and Easter is over. Unfortunately, this also means that we have to say goodbye to our Easter event for the time being. Find out who the winners of the Easter art contest are, how all the entries were received and what the NPCs of the winner's will look like here.


Newsletter April

Dear Pokémon Community, we are back with our monthly newsletter with some exciting news. In our newsletter today, we would like to address a few issues, such as the frequent server outages, for which we would like to apologize in advance. We also have information about the Art Contest and the Shiny Hunter of the Month for April.


Hooray, hooray, Easter is here!

As every year, the Easter event takes place here. Our Easter Event has been open since 04/06/23. Find out here where to find it and what you need to take part in it! more information about the Easter Art Contest will also follow here.


PokeOne Monthly Newsletter Jan/Feb/March

Dear Community, unfortunately we haven't published a newsletter in quite some time, for which we would like to apologize. Since we haven't contacted you for such a long time, it's time to bring you up to date. Questions like ''What has been patched in the last 3 months,'' ''What projects are we working on and what can we expect in the next month? and especially the question WHO is one of the most successful Shiny Hunters of the last 3 months? All this you can find out here!


PokeOne Monthly Newsletter

Happy New Year! During December, PokeOne has seen 2 OU Tournaments, The new 2022 Xmas event, Shiny hunter of the month and some patch notes/changes. Read more about it in this months newsletter:


Winter Event 2022

Greetings trainers! PokeOne Community wishes you a Merry Christmas with some exciting news! The arrival of the 2022 Winter Event.


Weekly OU Tournament

This week PokeOne saw many trainers battle it out for prizes and bragging rights, and it is Pippatacio who is our champion this week.


Christmas Art Content

As we close another year of PokeOne, we enter another festive season - and with it our annual Christmas Art contest.