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PokéOne Community News

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Winter Event 2021 is released

Today on 26.11.2021 the Winter Event was opened. There is a lot to discover. A gigantic story that lasts 6-7 hours without guides or previous knowledge. From Mt. Silver Lower Mountainside you get to the Event Map.


Destiny Island Part 1 is Open!

Rusty just released the first part of Destiny Island today. This marks the start of the own Kalos region in PokéOne. Destiny Island is specially designed for the party function of PokeOne so it will be really hard if you try it alone! Grab your friends and start playing!


PokeOne Major Tournament II

Hello PokéOne Community, today we are happy to announce that the 2nd PokéOne Major Tournament is about to start, the perfect place for all PvP masters to show how great their skills are! For everyone else it will be a spectacle like no other. The prize pool for the whole tournament is 200€ + 30.000.000 Pokedollar + 800 Reroll Tokens. And of course a bonus Shiny Impish Mew for the first place.


Server back online / late Easter event

From now on you can play PokeOne again the servers are back online. In addition, the server has also opened the Easter event that was planned in the down time of the server. The devs did not stand still and have also added some changes and new Daily Quest in the game.


Many small changes - New Patch 23.03.21

A new patch has been released today. With many updates so that Rusty can continue to work on Mini Kalos and test it. You will find out exactly what has changed here in the news.


PokéOne verification problems

Hello dear PokéOne community we just want to inform you that there are problems with some e-mail services. If you just created an account or you don't get a verification code, please have a look at this news, here we explain what you can do.


PokéOne Server Down

Hello dear community, unfortunately the server is offline for 2 days. There are several problems that need to be fixed.


Sinnoh is the next region!!! + Trailer

This is great news, the most anticipated remake of Pokémon ever is now in Pokéone. Sinnoh has been announced as the next region for PokéOne by Rusty!!!!