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PokeOne Monthly Newsletter

Happy New Year! During December, PokeOne has seen 2 OU Tournaments, The new 2022 Xmas event, Shiny hunter of the month and some patch notes/changes. Read more about it in this months newsletter:

Game Updates

Updated Spawns
Some Pokemon got new spawns during the winter event. There are also new headbutt and rock smash encounters.

In the last stream of PokeOneCommunity, Siver worked on the map Pal Park in Sinnoh and answered many questions about Sinnoh. To keep it short and simple it is still a huge mountain of work, not all maps are ready but a large part. After that the scripting work starts and all the content has to be added. That means it will take a while until Sinnoh will be released.

Patch Notes
- Legendary encounters changed
- Vermillion Gym Puzzle changed
- Zeraora Removed
- Goldenrod Red box removed

Siver : Hello dear community here I would like to talk a little about the latest changes. first about the Legendary Encounter change: We have noticed a high rise of new Legendary Pokémon market to mostly also with the Hidden Abilities. We wondered what this could be and noticed that there are players with over 150 alt accounts who have gained a gigantic advantage over a weakness in the system. We have talked about different solution and decided for 7 days so that the Berry trick is still usable and not completely taken out of the game. You still have a huge advantage with 150 accounts but not so huge anymore.

To the Lavender ice puzzle it is quite simple we have only taken out the Daily Gold and Experience because you did not have to do the puzzle to get the reward and here also a lot of alt accounts were parked. For all new players, the Wingull flight mount will remain as a reward. We see such a content as too simple and useless.

There is not much to say about the Zeraora case, it was completely bugged and was never ready to be released, so I apologize again for that. Some players even found a way to infinitely duplicate the Pokémon. For all the players who didn't want to trade it, there was only one solution for us - we deleted all the remaining ones.

Also the 5 red boxes in Goldenrod were removed because we did not like the implementation. And we rather imagine a quest related reward like a boss that can only be fought from trainer level 100.

But to all these changes it is to be said that we try as good as possible to get the problem with the Alt Account in control of course this is a battle that can never be won. Since a 2nd or more account also means that everyone can do the daily content 2 times or more. But hundreds of accounts should this become the standard?

We have talked a lot about these problems and we are currently in the phase that we look at what is exploited this we then adjust. In the next step we will try to find solutions to give the players a fair solution about content. Of course new players should not be punished.

Everyone is welcome to write to me and explain his side of things and discuss with me objectively and respectfully.

PokeOne Community updates

Shiny Hunter of the Month

This January, PokeOne Community will be hosting a monthly competition for the best shinies caught in PokeOne. There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes every month consisting of Reroll tokens and Buffs. Enter your best shinies into with a January “caught date” to try and win prizes!

Last month’s winners are:

First Place: tylooqz: Rare Week + Shiny Week + 100 tokens

Second Place: AsuraouO:1 Week buff + 75 tokens

Third Place: lff5220 1 Week buff + 50 tokens

Disclaimer: Winners will always be subjective, and we decide as fairly as possible. Winners must prove their entry is not photoshopped in-game.

Submit your entries Pokemon to the PokéOne Discord in the shiny-hunter-of-the-month channel. Click here for a direct link

OU Tournament winners for November

Weekly Overused Tournament 4.12.2022
Place 1: Astrous
Place 2: Bingjiakong

Weekly Overused Tournament 18.12.2022
Place 1: Pippatacio
Place 2: Khurshid

Final Video Astrous vs Bingjiakong

Final Video Pippatacio vs Khurshid

Homepage updates

- The PvP Viability rankings were updated during the last month.
- The Gallery has been updated to include all the art contests’ entries.
- The mobile web page menu display has been fixed

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