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About Pokemon Natures

A Pokemons Nature is displayed on the Pokemons summary screen. From Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver onward, the stats affected by a Pokemons Nature are highlighted on their summary screens: the increased stat is notated in red text and the decreased stat is notated in blue text.

Natures by stat

Find which nature corresponds to your preferred stat boosts/drops.
# - Attack - Defense - Sp. Atk - Sp. Def - Speed
+ Attack Hardy Lonely Adamant Naughty Brave
+ Defense Bold Docile Impish Lax Relaxed
+ Sp.Atk Modest Mild Bashful Rash Quiet
+ Sp.Def Calm Gentle Careful Quirky Sassy
+ Speed Timid Hasty Jolly Naive Serious

Natures Berries

A Pokemons nature also determines the berries it likes and dislikes. Each type of berry is linked to one stat:
Attack Spicy
Defense Sour
Speed Sweet
Sp. Atk Dry
Sp. Def Bitter
The berry a Pokemon likes is the corresponding flavour of its raised stat, while the berry it dislikes is the flavour of its lowered stat.
For example, a Pokemon of Sassy nature will like Bitter berries (Special Defense is raised) and dislike Sweet berries (Speed is lowered).

Natures alphabetically

Check which stats are raised/lowered by your Pokemons nature.
Nature Increases Decreases
Calm Sp. Def Attack
Careful Sp. Def Sp. Atk
Modest Sp. Atk Attack
Brave Attack Speed
Hardy Attack Attack
Bashful Sp. Atk Sp. Atk
Lax Defense Sp. Def
Gentle Sp. Def Defense
Adamant Attack Sp. Atk
Hasty Speed Defense
Impish Defense Sp. Atk
Bold Defense Attack
Docile Defense Defense
Quiet Sp. Atk Speed
Naughty Attack Sp. Def
Jolly Speed Sp. Atk
Naive Speed Sp. Def
Mild Sp. Atk Defense
Lonely Attack Defense
Quirky Sp. Def Sp. Def