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Nickname Message Date
Zojo00o ขอโค้ดไม่ได่ 2021-09-27
.hurB YoungsterDillon 2022-12-14
ShadyPlays you must create an account on the game 2020-11-10
ShadyPlays you must create an account on the game 2020-05-28
chup1n you guys have to create an account ingame, in the launcher. not the website 2021-02-07
TDC You don't have the required permission to view this page. :( 2019-02-15
Siver you are 100% sure? 2020-03-06
xXPsyk0Xx yo wtf :v am new here btw :3 hello everyone xD 2020-04-08
Graves Yo Siver, pokedex looks great 2019-01-24
Hakaidou Yo are they going to put moves effect? 2020-04-08
Locard yo 2020-03-15
Redmage Yo 2020-03-28
PhanthomAvatar Yo 2018-11-27
Siver yes! u can see the hidden ability in our pokedex 2019-08-30
Siver yes u can catch all Legendaries with 600 basepower or under all other are bosses or quest pokemon. In moment u can play Kanto and Johto but Unova is shortly in front of release. 2019-11-19
Siver yes in the right lower cornor 2020-05-26
Danilo1285 yes @WhoDolCatch 2021-03-27
kobebean824 yes 2020-09-15
Siver yes 2020-09-10
Nonloso12 Yes 2020-02-22